Sunday, July 13, 2008

Red Castle Peak

Somewhere high in the Uintas near King's Peak there is a place not nearly as well-known, but much more impressive: Red Castle Peak. I went with my dad and brother for a few nights' campout in July. The backpacking trail is very flat and easy but fairly long and full of boy scouts making their way to the Red Castle lakes for a weekend of michief. Fortunately, the most spectacular view of the place is seen from the meadow a mile away (which is a good distance to be from the average scout troop). The valley is wide, carved by a glacier who knows how long ago with a ridge on both the right and the left. At the end of the valley, out of nowhere rises this rock, stubborn and proud to be the tallest standing feature for miles. It's a pretty awesome sight to see.

1/10 sec
with polarizer